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The Maker

My grandfather was also a maker, and my story starts with him.

For as long as I knew him and from the stories I heard, he represents this image well. Being a maker requires trustworthy tools of the trade. His machinist’s tool chest sits at the left of my desk, and each time I slide open a drawer I’m reminded of the connection we have through what I’ve inherited from him.
I didn’t realize how much we had in common until he was gone. I feel guided by him learning new skills and honing familiar ones.

I’ve always been restless and weary in an attempt to find what I wanted to be my one true passion. Something through which I could find fulfillment.

When I was searching through local lumberyards, art stores, and my grandfather’s garage I found bow making, general wood working, illustrating, photography, and now leather working.

Rambler Made is a testament to quality goods and tools, the search for fulfillment, and to my grandfather’s and my desire to create all the aforementioned. It’s a testament to a simple ruggedness and no-nonsense attitude we learned from future generations met with the receptiveness and flexibility of ours. It’s a brand that starts with leather goods and has permission to become something more.

Hands over machines.
Peter Young
Rambler Made.