Time for a Change! – Rambler Made

Time for a Change!

The Rabbit was the very first offering I had for the shop back when it first began. And while that reminder is a special keepsake for me, I think it’s time for a change. The fact is, I’m seeing this hardware combination is EVERYWHERE in the leather crafting community, and while its difficult to come up with truly original items, I want to work toward offerings that evolve with the business. ⁣

One evolution is coming up with more unisex options and, with the help of Peyton, we’re digging through the lineup and looking for tweaks we can make for just that reason. So we’re searching for some new hardware to match our vision with our future offerings.⁣

Really, this is just an exercise in the mindset that nothing can be permanent, and avoiding complacency for complacencies sake.⁣

Pretty long caption for such a small keychain, huh? I enjoy bringing you more “into the shop” and along with us for the decisions we make and look forward to putting this into practice more and more.⁣