This is Not My Photo! – Rambler Made

This is Not My Photo!

But it is my edit. One of the best parts about this whole adventure is the opportunity to meet and connect with some incredibly talented people. @raven_the_pirate is one of those people and this is his photo. ⁣

I very much consider Sam a part of this brand. Not only have we collaborated on creating some of my favorite leather goods, but we are constantly sharing brand ideas, advice, and photo edits. He came to me with a surprising request when he asked me to edit a couple of his RAW shots in an effort to get out of his own head and see how someone else would finalize his incredible work. This edit was my favorite of the bunch. ⁣

It’s an amazing feeling when someone you look up to, and are constantly inspired by, gives you a challenge. Sam is continuously challenging me and always encouraging me to keep my skills sharp. ⁣

Keep your eyes out for some more collaborative work between Sam and I. We have some exciting stuff coming that I’m very much looking forward to sharing with you!⁣