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The Slip Up

Why I ditched my phone slip…⁣

Okay so about a month ago, I made this phone slip as a measure to limit distraction from my phone and get rid of my phone case (I abhor them). I made it about a good week of solid dedication to carrying the slip, and my experience with it was just okay. The purpose of this post is to determine whether we collectively think this phone slip is worth putting on the site, because I don’t want to make something you will end up not using, wasting money, and resenting me for the rest of eternity (please don’t!). So here we go:⁣

Problem 1: lacking practicality⁣
I made it a good week of solid use with the slip, but after that my good habit started to slip (ha!). I had the full intention of “putting my phone to sleep” for the night only to remember that I needed to check my calendar for the next day, take my phone out, forget to put it back in, check social media, catch myself, put it back, take it out to turn my Hue bulbs off, “new email from work?”, you get it. Was it worth it to take out and put back in for every tiny task I had, or should I just leave it out for a short period and try to get as much done as I can? Really, this is the fault of my own lack of discipline. My phone ended up sitting on top of the slip and I only slid it in when I moved from one room to another, which led to my next complaint: ⁣

Problem 2: yet another thing to carry.⁣
My phone’s new resting place became the outside of the slip. Am I really going to put the phone back into the slip just to take it out 20 seconds later when I find my new spot to settle? No, the very short answer is no. What I will do is just take the vacant slip along with me (just in case!), inevitably leave it in my similarly colored couch, lose it, and carry around my naked slippery iPhone searching the house for its cozy sleeping bag. This drove me nuts, and led me to just leaving it on my desk for the next 2 and a half weeks…⁣