"The Mountains Won't Remember Me" – Rambler Made

"The Mountains Won't Remember Me"

“There’s something in these valleys, theres something in these lakes, that remind me of why I’m alive.” ⁣
-Peter McKinnon, The Mountains Won’t Remember Me⁣

I watched this video of Pete’s when it came out back in October and throughout my entire trip to those mountaintops, I couldn’t stop thinking of that phrase “the mountains won’t remember me” ⁣

To be honest, I didn’t even remember what his message was during the video, but something about that phrase just stuck and made sense. Upon going back and watching it when I finally had internet, I realized why it did. His exact phrase was, “I think that’s why I love these places. All the noise fades away and you are left with the pure unadulterated beauty. The internet is fueled by narcissism, but the mountains won’t remember who I am”. My reaction was something like, “yup, there it is!”⁣

It’s the feeling of being so small and so insignificant when we’re in these astonishing places that the weight that we put on ourselves is instantly erased because, by comparison, it’s meaningless. It’s an oddly comforting feeling when I look out at a place like this and remember, for a moment, I’m nowhere but here.⁣