The First Leather Project – Rambler Made

The First Leather Project

It’s funny, I never even planned on getting into making wallets, keychains, etc. It kind of just happened. This all started out with me needing to make an forearm guard for archery, which then got me hooked into working with leather. The first “real” project was this pencil case. ⁣

I was drawing pretty heavily then and needed a way to bring my pencils, pens, and such wherever I was going. So I grabbed some leftover leather from the arm guard, measured it to fold into thirds, used an old fork to punch the stitching holes, and threaded it with bow string.⁣

It’s a real piece of shit, to be honest! But, I still use it almost daily, and have no intention of making a new one. I see it as a good reminder of where I’ve been and how my work has evolved in this past year. I think that kind of stuff is important. Remember where you’ve been and pay attention to the opportunity at hand rather than the destination at the end of the road. It makes for a pretty good time when unexpected opportunities come up.⁣