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Selling Sucks

Lets talk about something a little different…

Do you hate being sold to? Save 15%, like and subscribe, are you tired of (blank, blank, or blank)?, etc! As a brand, I want to communicate the features and benefits of my goods, but I hate being sold to so who would I be turn it around and subject you to something I despise.

For example, I thought about making this post about how you can save 15% off your first purchase if you sign up on the site. I wanted to explain (like I do in the popup) that all emails will be few and far between and only bring you value. I tried to be as authentic as possible, without sounding too sales-pitchy. However, every version that I wrote I ended up hating more than the last. We are subject to so many advertisements in our daily lives, I have to assume that it can’t remain this way, both in effectiveness and viewer fatigue. I have even notably shunned certain brands either because they were advertising too much, or just that they advertised at all.
In a perfect world, I would love for my work and photography to sell itself and maybe that is absolutely a possibility.

Every day I tell myself to be patient in this marathon of running a small business. I tell myself to ignore the metrics; to focus on creating and the rest will come. And maybe for those of you that follow me, that is the best way for me to communicate the features and benefits of my goods. I guess we will just have to keep creating, wait, and see!