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Scaling the creative wall

The creative wall is real, friends.

It’s like staring at a blank canvas where I know there is so much opportunity for creation, yet every attempt to step forward to make that first stroke follows with a light tug on the back of my collar and a whisper saying “oh no, you’re not ready yet.” In addition to inaction comes the feeling of guilt that I “should” be making. Pressure placed by nobody but myself to keep up with the race against wasted time: a race where no one wins. Ironically, its the crippling guilt that I’m not creating that keeps me from tackling the inaction to create, which leaves me in a spiral. The spiral can last a day, a week, two months, or longer. I am in that spiral right now. However, instead of letting the spiral put a stranglehold on my creativity, I am exercising leaning into this creative wall and using the break to observe other outside sources for inspiration and motivation. Even taking the time to write this right now has pulled me a little higher up the pit I’ve fallen into, and I know that I will be back at it very soon.