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Out with the new, in with the old!

Everyone has their go-to pair of shoes. The ones that, no matter what, don’t let you down. These bad boys are mine. Comfortable, durable, and personal, it’s as if these Red Wing Heritage boots shape and grow with you. ⁣

Every contour, crease, and wrinkle has earned its spot on the boots after 2 years of (almost) daily use. The hide darkens with dirt and oil, the left boot’s toe is scuffed by the shifter of a motorcycle, and the laces are chewed from loyal (yet bored) tail-waggin’ hounds. ⁣

When I was younger, I always wanted fresh and new. When it was scratched, it was ruined and the opportunity for perfection was lost. As time passes, I notice that I crave story and history, and embrace flaw with fault. I learn that scars are an inevitability and strange life-lessons can be taught by a pair of boots.