No one achieves anything alone... – Rambler Made

No one achieves anything alone...

Despite how it may seem, I do not act alone in this brand. The leather work, design, pricing, material acquisition, fulfillment, etc. are all done by me, however there is a much bigger part behind the scenes that I only trust one individual on: the vision. Peyton is invaluable to me for a lot of reasons, and a visionary is one of them. ⁣

With my hand and head in so many areas of this brand, its easy to get stretched too thin, forget details, and stray off the course. Just this weekend, Peyton suggested that I change my photography on the site for the Tracker. She said that the scene didn’t make sense and it was too busy, and she was absolutely right. Moving with the pace of the brand, its common to “fire and forget” and rarely revisit elements that have been “completed” for some time. She offered to set up a more appropriate scene for the Tracker to which I couldn’t refuse (free labor, right??). After just half an hour, she executes her vision and delivers this shot. The ease at which this kind of stuff comes to her is astounding and as much as I have the need to control every aspect of this venture, its this kind of assistance that reminds me that no one achieves anything alone. Maybe ill keep her on as an employee a just a little while longer… 😊