New Release! - The Raven Maintenance Kit – Rambler Made

New Release! - The Raven Maintenance Kit

The Raven Maintenance Kit⁣

This has been in the works for quite some time, and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally ready to be shown!⁣

I was commissioned by @raven_the_pirate and @novel_carry to design and create a knife maintenance tool roll, which would contain everything you’d need to keep blades clean and actions smooth, while being compact enough to throw into any bag. ⁣

The roll is custom fit for a @combatbeads x @jwknifeandtool titanium precision bit driver and 4 Wiha bits (T6, T8, Philips, and Flathead), so no more stripped screws on your knives! It also comes with a Nano-Oil syringe to make sure everything is greased up in all the right places.⁣

Built into the tool roll, we wanted you to be able to maintain your knife wherever you are, so we integrated a screw tray to keep your screws, washers, and other loose parts from rolling away while you’re working. ⁣

For a couple extras, this purchase comes with a black Microfiber towel and is shipped in a wooden box to keep it all together when storing. ⁣

This drop is up for pre-order on NovelCarry’s website (link in bio), starting on Sunday (10/25) to ensure that everyone who wants one, gets one! The pre-order will run until November 30th and we’ll get to making your orders shortly after. ⁣

We’re awfully excited to be offering this to you all, as we are heavily keen on making all of our hard-earned gear #lastforlife