My Take on Branding – Rambler Made

My Take on Branding

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of branding on gear, clothing, etc. I just feel like it distracts from the design of the good itself. Hell, I even work to hide my own logo on the goods that I make whenever I can! ⁣

Though, I guess it totally depends on the brand and how well their message and mission connect with you. These two hold that connection for me. Their design carries the brand. It’s all the thought that goes into its photography and display before purchase, the unboxing of the meticulously thought out packaging, and (of course) the way they look and feel in the hand during use. ⁣

People buy things for different reasons, and sometimes it’s all about the brand. In that case, wear it proudly! And cheers to the brands who can effectively communicate their message strongly enough to make people proud to carry their stuff. I don’t believe thats a victory that comes easy.⁣