"Memento Mori" – Rambler Made

"Memento Mori"

Memento Mori is a phrase that gets kicked around nowadays mostly through tattoo’s, art, or instagram captions of a leather goods brand. Its meaning is “remember you will die.” It serves as a reminder of the inevitable conclusion to life that we, on this earth, all share. For me, this reminder serves as a motivational driver to combat my biggest fear at all costs: regret. ⁣

The skull hangs above my shop desk, surrounded by tools of the trade. A relic of remembrance that serves as a static hourglass because one day, it will be too late. It has gotten to a point where whenever I see the skull, I am reminded of my goals, either yearly, monthly, or daily. Thats not to say that everyday I work my hardest or even at all. But its placed there with the intent to keep me on track, remember my ambitions, and that (right now) I have the ability to chip away at my goals for this brand, for life, for everything. ⁣

Regret is my biggest fear and there is no doubt that at the end, I will experience it. However, what I won’t regret is all the things I tried, experienced, and succeeded at on this path to fulfillment.⁣

Memento Mori