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Keeping a journal...

I have had the same journal for the past two years, contributing to it on and off. I use mine as a daily task journal while also adding reflections of my day below them. Additionally, I have somewhat of a “bucket list” in the front that I continue to add to and will pass on to the next journal after my current one is filled.

I am currently in my longest stretch of daily journaling at a month straight, and I am for sure seeing benefits from doing so. I find that everything I write down immediately becomes more actionable when it leaves my head and into my hand. Its like it just becomes real after taking physical note of it.

I also have a separate pocket journal that I carry with me everyday that serves as a bank for my miscellaneous thought vomit. It is extremely therapeutic to write down ideas that are constantly running in my head. It seems almost as soon as I write it down, it no longer lingers in my mind. For me, this has reduced my daily anxiety greatly just by taking 20 min everyday to practice this discipline.

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