"I was drawn to journaling just so I could use the tool..." – Rambler Made

"I was drawn to journaling just so I could use the tool..."

The duo over at Big Idea Design sent over some seriously impressive gear that changed my mind about EDC pens. I knew Big Idea’s products were quality just from the attention they were getting from other EDC guys / gals in the field, but I have never really understood all the hype around a pen that you carry every day (says the guy who carries a knife everyday). That was until I actually got to hold the gear that Chadwick and Joe make. I was immediately drawn to the click pen because its bigger size is what I am more used to using, and just the weight alone got me hooked.

I used to journal daily (mostly tasks and daily reflections) which I found had a positive affect on my productivity and overall happiness. Something about writing down your thoughts makes them so much more actionable. However, for a couple of months, that practice had fallen by the wayside, and I noticed that I was getting more disorganized and my creative output was slacking. In an effort to test out these new pens, I made it an exercise to journal everyday for a week to see (A) how the gear held up against my traditional illustrator pens and (B) to get my creative focus back on track. What I found was that not only were the pens amazingly satisfying to work with, but they became the reason for me wanting to journal everyday. I was drawn to journaling just so I could use the tool. My journal started filling up page after page, and I even started a new pocket journal just for random “un-curated” thoughts. I began to feel excitement at every “click” of the pen, realizing that the ideas that I am about to write down are about to become 100% more actionable than if they just lay dormant in my mind.

All this clarity, just from picking up a pen. I now understand the draw to EDC pens because it’s not just a pen, its a tool that is so well constructed that it made me want to use it. And that is just amazing design at it’s finest. Thank you Big Idea Design for the exceptional tools and for getting me to journal again.