"I need a creative environment to be creative..." – Rambler Made

"I need a creative environment to be creative..."

I need a creative environment to be creative.

Is anyone else like this? It is extremely difficult for me to think creatively without being in a room that reflects creativity. I have had my desk in just about every room of my house trying to find the best combination of lighting, space, and potential. I know it sounds maddening, and trust me, it is. I would typically have the desk in an area for a couple months, only to realize that I wasn’t using it or working on creative projects at all. The rooms would usually be on a different floor and isolated because I thought what I needed was to be away from distractions (TV’s in the background, dogs, etc.). But something felt “off” whenever I thought about going into those rooms to work, and so I just wouldn’t.

What I found was that being isolated was terrible for my creativity. The ultimate distraction was the seclusion from the life that was occurring in other areas of my home. And so, my desk finally found its home on the main floor of the house, thrown into all the “distractions” that I thought needed exile. I don’t quite know why this worked. Maybe because Peyton and I could work together to design the room, alleviating some of the pressure of permanence off my shoulders. Maybe part of my creative process needs more distractions to take me out of focus and come back to the project with another perspective. Maybe I am in need of some deep psychological therapy. Either way, it feels good to work in a room that’s creativity grows with my own.