Details, details, and more details. – Rambler Made

Details, details, and more details.

Details, details, and more details. I think there is a fascinating contrast in the definition of details in design. They can come in the form of complexity or simplicity and still carry the meaning of detail.

These two items are a perfect example of this. Clocks and Colours designed this killer Ransack ring with a brass inlay leaving no possible detail behind with disheveled scoring around the whole band, engraving on the axe heads, and lots of depth throughout the piece. Their brand also promotes the mixing and matching of pieces, where each one adds more to the story the wearer is telling.

On the other hand, the knife where the ring rests tells a detailed story of simplicity. The James Brand Folsom displays an ebony wood grip that is carefully shaped and beveled to fit your hand, and the jimping above the ambidextrous opening adds to this grip by allowing more control in wetter situations. The pocket clip is also reversible, allowing the user to determine their most effective method of action for their application. The simplicity comes in clean edges, freedom of choice, and practical articles made for use.

Two completely different items with different uses and design styles, yet both can be seen as detailed pieces. There is no one way to define detail, only that (when done right) a shit load of attention was given to it. Its easy to look at a ring, pocket knife, watch, or otherwise and determine whether it “looks good” or not, but what is commonly forgotten is the amount of time that went into the planning, prototyping, and designing of a brands handiwork. Detail, to me, is the result when skill and artistry meet and when you can achieve that union, amazing works will be made.