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Creating For Me

Sometimes I take breaks from journaling when I feel that there is nothing noteworthy to write down. These breaks can last a couple days to maybe even a month at most and is usually tied pretty close to ups and downs in my mental state. ⁣

My last entry was on March 7th, the day I announced the winner of my 2k giveaway. I knew after that giveaway that I wanted to take a short break from the brand, since it consumed a lot of my energy recently. A short break turned into a long break, gaps became more frequent in sharing, and i can’t even remember the last time I did a “meaningful” post like this one. It could just be the times, this massive global struggle that we are all dealing with, or maybe my interest is waning from making the same items over and over again.⁣

My hobbies usually start with me just wanting to make something, and then it takes off from there. I don’t document everything I make because it may not fit inside this “leather goods” box that I have created for myself. Maybe its time to stop caring what “curated content” fits inside the box and just create for the sake of it, and because its really what I enjoy doing. ⁣

Today will be my first entry into my journal for a while, and maybe this gap was a way to find the next chapter.⁣