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Coming Out of Nowhere

It was raining, @raven_the_pirate gave the inspiration, @iammatthenry created the subject, and I pressed the shutter.

Its funny how a shot can just come out of nowhere. I was talking with Sam earlier that day about how I don’t use my macro lens nearly enough and how that needed to change.
I came home when it was lightly raining and saw how rich with color the chopping stump looked, saturated from the heavy showers earlier that day. Immediately, I felt that mixed rush of inspiration and drive. It wasn’t a second later that I instinctively grabbed the Opinel No.8, modded by Matt Henry, threw the macro lens on, waded through my marshy backyard, struck the knife in its place, and took the shot.
There were no decisions to make. Through my conversation with Sam, I knew the lens would be macro, I knew the wood handled Opinel had to be the subject, and natural overcast soft box lighting created the mood-stricken scene.

I don’t know if I would have seen the potential for this shot, had I not talked with Sam earlier that day. Maybe shots don’t come out of nowhere, but are the offspring of being surrounded by the right people and leaning into that beautiful mixture of inspiration / drive. Kind of a long story for just a picture of a knife in a stump, huh?