I’m proud of how welcoming and supportive the EDC community is, but I don’t want my place in it to just stop at knives and gear. I want to do my part to expand our community to uplift the Black Lives Matter movement and amplify the message. ⁣

These protests are rooted in the fact that black people are being murdered at the hands of those who should be protecting them. George Floyd’s death is one atrocity of the deep historical oppression that has been going on since this country was founded. There are many many more that you don’t see or hear about... ⁣

To echo @invictusigwe , “Just because you’re silent on social media doesn’t mean you’re silent to the cause.” This is not a call to demonize those who have not spoken out. It’s an encouragement to face discomfort and consider expressing your beliefs. I’ve struggled with vulnerability and sharing my thoughts in a public way, but I feel a pull to show what I stand for. I don’t want my follower count to get in the way of showing up and standing behind people who need it.⁣

Do what you can, and begin where you are. Black Lives Matter.