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A Little Something About the Leather

A couple of times, I have offered these "Buck Brown" Ravens to purchase. So why the limited availability? Essentially, I’m slowly testing it (and looking into different suppliers) to see if I want to fully switch over to it. A little more on that below:


Currently, I use English Bridle leather for everything I make, which has a matte finish and is fairly durable (doesn’t scratch so easily). The “Buck Brown” color is a Traditional Harness leather, which has been “jack glazed”, a process that repeatedly strokes the leather with glass rods which heat the hide through friction and bring up oils to the surface. This results in a beautiful glossy surface that is prone to an extremely satisfying aging process.⁣

At first, I wasn’t a fan of the glossy finish, but after making a wallet out of the traditional harness for myself, and seeing it age, I’m much more keen to bring it into the shop and share it with you all!⁣